Solid resilient tyres (super-elastic tyres)


Solid resilient tyres combine the typical comfort features of pneumatic industrial tyres with the advantages of solid tyres. Mounted on standard industrial rims (which are equally used for pneumatics) solid resilient tyres are approved for a maximum speed of 25 kph (15 mph).Throughout international industry and trade
tyres are famous for their reliability, longevity and their great value for money. 30 years experience with solid resilient tyres help us in our continuous efforts to yet improve further our product.

Many of the world's largest forklift truck and materials handling equipment manufactures fit and tyres on original equipment.

for four-piece tapered base rim

for tapered base rim without rim locking parts

With its circumferential rubber locking ridge ("the nose") tyres are easily mounted on and demounted from the rim. Simply pressed on to the rim without applying locking rings and bead seat rings the tyre base matches perfectly with the rim contour. tyres are convenient for service and cost-saving.


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