Press-on band tyres

Your "First" Choice
  • low rolling resistance
  • high carrying capacity
  • high wear resistance
  • two tread patterns available
       - rough terrain (GL)
       - slick (FL)
  • with cylindrical or conical tyre base

Premium quality press-ons for internal combustion engine and electrically driven vehicles, forklift, trucks, rolltrailers, industrial trailers.

press-on band tyres

Press-on band tyres meet these requirements: high load capacity while minimum tyre size and diameter, minimum tyre wear and low rolling resistance.

Worldwide applications of our tyres include industrial trailers, roll trailers, forklift trucks, sewage plants, barking plants and various applications in the driven technology.

Special versions such as antistatic (GUMASOL ANTISTATIC) and non-marking (GUMASOL PARA) available on request.


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