Custom-engineered solutions are our strength
We develop and manufacture custom engineered moulded rubber parts and rubber-metal bonded parts according to your samples or drawings. We are familiar with a very wide range of different elastomers. Our engineers work very closely with your staff in specifying the precise requirement profile of your product.

For durable connections and individual shapes

rubber moulded parts rubber-metal bonded parts
for the pump and mountings industry

rubber moulded parts rubber-metal bonded parts
for variety of areas of operation

rubber moulded parts rubber-metal bonded parts
for the automobile industry

With more than 80 presses we are capable to apply the best manufacturing method for your product, be it injection, compression or transfer moulding. Our largest heating plate measures 1800 x 1600 mm.
Through special production methods and long years of experience we have accumulated valuable know-how in the manufacture of durable and reliable bondings of rubber to metal and plastics.

The corresponding rubber compounds are supplied by our own mixing facility. Our laboratory has an inventory of more than 10.000 recipes. Of course our compounds comply with a multitude of industry standards, such as the standards of the automotive industry, or DVGW and KTW recommendations.

You will like our quality and service!


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