Quality is our principle

Our name stands for quality. As one of the first German rubber processing enterprises we have received the certificate
DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. All our employees on all levels of hierarchy of the enterprise do have the required quality awareness. The basis are effective organisational, technical and personnel tools with whom a constantly high level of quality in the development, production, service and distribution is being maintained. With this certification we comply with the constantly growing demand of the market.
Hereby you as our customer have the guarantee that all required quality assuring measurements are being taken for each of your orders.
Manufacturing and testing methods are constantly being upgraded to the latest standard of quality engineering. Our products are continously subject to tests and each year again are given clearances from industry and authorities.


 Future tasks

Today, it is the problem of environmental control which obliges us to act responsibly with the future in mind.

This subject confronts us in every area of the company

Integrated environmental control is an integral part of company policy.

Download our certificate here


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